MPS 1400 RMB

4.0” Diameter | 60Watts Max. Power Handling

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Blaupunkt’s MPS 1400 RMB plug and play speakers is an upgraded center speaker that work right out of the box without any complicated setup or installation. It has a straightforward plug-and-play system that enables hassle-free and a quick setup of your car’s new upgraded audio system.



Your MPS 1400 RMB’S capability to convert power (watts) into volume is indicated by its sensitivity rating (decibels). Your speakers’ volume will increase as the sensitivity rating rises up to 86 dB.

Mounting Depth

The depth of the mounting bracket for car speakers is crucial because it determines whether the speakers will fit in the space that is available in your car. Finding the right speaker will be simpler if you are aware of the mounting depth.

Voice coil

The voice coil (a tiny wire coil) generates a magnetic field that changes in response to the amplified signal sent to the speaker. The voice coil, along with the permanent magnet and other speaker components, transforms electrical information into mechanical energy to create sound. Simply said, our voice coil allows your speaker to handle more power, resulting in a louder sound.


The process of connecting speakers to an audio system is known as speaker wiring. Wiring your own speaker system can be intimidating, but with the MPS 1400 RMB plug and play centre speaker, you’ll be an instant pro! It clearly shows how simple it is to handle this speaker on your own.




Our MPS 1400 RMB is a center speaker upgrade that is specially made for MERCEDES-BENZ (some car models). It is designed to be plug-and-play so that you can easily install it yourself.

MPS 1400 RMB can be installed into the following list of car models :




Model Year

Mounting Position

C W205/Sedan From 2014 Middle of Dashboard
S205/Estate From 2014 Middle of Dashboard
C205/Coupe From 2015 Middle of Dashboard
A205/Convertible From 2016 Middle of Dashboard
GLC X253/SUV From 2015 Middle of Dashboard
C253/SUV Coupe From 2015 Middle of Dashboard
E W123/Sedan From 2016 Middle of Dashboard
S213/Estate From 2016 Middle of Dashboard
C238/Coupe From 2017 Middle of Dashboard
A238/Convertible From 2017 Middle of Dashboard
S W222/Limousine/Sedan From 2016 Middle of Dashboard


MPS 1400 RMB Specifications
  • Max. Power Handling : 60W
  • Normal Output Power (RMS) : 30W
  • Dual Voice Coil : 25.5mm
  • Impedance : 4+4ohms
  • Frequency Response : 95Hz – 10,000Hz
  • Sensitivity : 86dB
  • Mounting Depth : 37mm
  • Mounting Hole Diameter : 91mm

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