Air purifier AIRPURE AP 1.1

Blaupunkt AIRPURE AP 1.1 air purifier filters the air in the car, truck or caravan with a three-layer filter system, automatic air quality regulation and UV light.

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Air Purifier AIRPURE AP 1.1

The Blaupunkt AirPure AP 1.1 air purifier for cars, truck cabins and caravans is a high-quality, state-of-the-art product with an elegant metallic housing. The combination of design, function and plug & play installation quickly finds its place in a vehicle and provides driver and passengers with clean air. The AirPure AP 1.1 offers clean air for allergy sufferers, asthmatics and even small children.

3-layer filter system

The special filter system of the AirPure AP 1.1 enables the removal of impurities in the air. In order to completely clean the air, each filter layer removes different particles. This frees the air from exhaust fumes, cigarette smoke, tire abrasion, pollen and fine dust.

Germicidal UV lamp

The addition of ultraviolet light in the AirPure AP 1.1 is designed to kill airborne germs and bacteria by destroying their nucleic acids and damaging their DNA. As a result, their effect is lost and they become harmless. This accelerates the cleaning of the air.

Aroma therapeutic

To add a little joy to the experience of clean air, the AirPure AP 1.1 has a small aroma holder in the device’s filter that can be filled with your favorite essential oil. An additional air freshener for the car is no longer required.

Blaupunkt Air Purifier

Blue indicator

Good air quality
PM 2.5 value: 0 to 50 μg/m³
Auto low fan speed detection.

Green indicator

Average air quality
PM 2.5 value: 51 to 99 μg/m³
fan auto. at high speed.

Red indicator

Bad air quality
PM 2.5 value: 100 to 999 μg/m³
Permanently high fan speed.

Easy and quick installation

No complicated process is required to use this device. AirPure AP 1.1 can be easily connected via Plug & Play. In the car, the AirPure AP 1.1 is placed in the vehicle’s cup holder and connected with the USB cable. Complete. With the soft-touch controls, the AirPure can be easily turned on for clean air filtration.

Filter change reminder

Red indicator

  • Reminds you to check the filter condition when 300 hours of use are reached.


  • Indicator Display: PM2.5 Level, FilterReplacement Reminder, Auto/ManualFan Speed
  • Pre-packed with Blaupunkt AirPure Filter (APF1)
  • Noise Level: ≤35dB
  • Fan Type: Double inlet DC Turbo Fan
  • HEPA Filter Grade: H11
  • Ultraviolet Wavelength: 253.7nm
  • Applicable for space: 3m2-5m2
  • Input Voltage: 5V
  • Current: 1A
  • Power: <5W
  • Dimensions: 71 mm x 195 mm
  • Net Weight: 425 g
  • Accessories: USB Power Cable

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