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Set of Blaupunkt TVSet LED strip for TV

The set of LED strips for the TV includes two 45 cm long LED strips. LED lighting for a TV set brings a number of benefits, not only visual. By using high-quality LED strips to illuminate the TV, we will not only gain a pleasant atmosphere, we will also take care of the eyes and improve the quality of the TV image.

Advantages of Blaupunkt LED strips for TV

The use of LED strips for TV lighting brings many advantages:

  • decorative function
  • improving the comfort of watching TV
  • optical screen widening
  • better contrast
  • Blaupunkt USB strips set for TV lighting – simple operation

Only minimal effort is needed to create atmospheric TV lighting with LED strips. Blaupunkt LED USB tapes do not require additional amplifiers or external power supplies. All you need is a USB port, which all modern TVs already have. Connecting to the port is enough to power the LED strip. The convenient plug & play system makes it easy for everyone to install LED strips to the TV.

Tightness class of Blaupunkt LED strips – IP65

The high class of tightness improves the possibilities of using LED strips. Thanks to the high IP65 waterproofness, Blaupunkt LED strips can be used in places where there is a risk of moisture. The IP65 protection class also means greater resistance to dust and dirt, and protection against penetration into hazardous parts by wire.

Color temperature – Blaupunkt LED strips with natural light color

Natural color (4000 K) oscillates between warm and cold light, it is neutral and close to sunlight. Natural white light does not affect the color of the surrounding objects. It works perfectly in modern living spaces, mainly in white style. LED strip in this color is very good as TV lighting.

SMD2835 diodes

Blaupunkt LED strips are based on 2835 SMD diodes. Their long service life ensures good light quality at all times. High-quality LEDs do not burn out rapidly, ensuring uniform illumination. Blaupunkt LED strips have eight SMD 2835 diodes each. You can be sure that TV lighting will serve you for a long time. LED strips for TV sets are also insensitive to frequent switching on. Taking into account the energy efficiency of the LEDs used in the Blaupunkt TV strips, they can be used very often and provide room lighting next to traditional lamps.


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