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Efficiency >90

The energy efficiency, i.e. the ratio of the power taken from the power grid to the output power in the case of the Blaupunkt LED power supply, is> 90. The high efficiency of the impulse power supply confirms that this model will meet the high requirements of consumers. Energy is not wasted and is used almost completely with little loss.

Blaupunkt power supply for indoor use
The Blaupunkt tape power supply is intended for indoor use. The permissible temperature range in which the power supply can operate is -20 to 45 degrees C. The device is intended only for lamps with LED diodes. It is recommended to exercise caution to avoid overheating of the Blaupunkt power supply.

Quality confirmed by certificates

The high quality of the 60W Blaupunkt power supply is confirmed by CE and TÜV certificates. The model complies with the EU directive 2014/30 / EU and the low voltage directive 2014/35 / EU. The LED power supply for strips stands out on the market and, like other manufacturer’s products, it responds to the needs of users. The possibility of combining with tapes with a power not exceeding 60 W already offers many possibilities of use.

Blaupunkt power supply 60 W – durability confirmed by a 3-year warranty
The manufacturer of the LED power supply gives it a 36-month warranty. This is a confirmation that the device meets high quality criteria and is characterized by long-term and uninterrupted operation. In addition, in the event of a short circuit or overload, the electronic protection circuit disconnects the power supply. It is a safe solution.

Blaupunkt – a reliable manufacturer
Established in 1924, the brand initially dealt with the production of headphones and radios. Blaupunkt is a company with a rich tradition. It has earned its position today with many technical inventions that made the brand famous, for example, the audio system used in today’s cars. The brand is not limited to one field, creating equipment for the needs of various industries, including innovative LED bulbs and luminaires with an unprecedented lifetime of 50,000 h.


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