Brief specification:

  • Suitable for corners
  • Automatic recharge and resume
  • For pet hair
  • HEPA flter
  • Can also be controlled from outdoors via an app on your phone
  • Set schedule by app, remote control and robot
  • Works with Alexa voice control
  • Mopping function
  • Interchangeable suction nozzle; normal and rotating brush
  • Mapping navigation


  • You can control the robot also from outdoors using the app and
    easily set a cleaning schedule for the whole week with the “different times possible” app.
  • The robot cleans systematically using mapping technology and
    can be tracked using the navigation section in the app.
  • If the battery runs low, the robot returns to the charging station to
    recharge and resumes work automatically if a cleaning schedule
    has been set.
  • Thanks to the choice of two interchangeable suction nozzles, this
    robot vacuum cleaner can handle most floor surfaces and is also
    suitable for pet hair.
  • The mopping function means the robot vacuum cleaner can run a
    wet mop over the surface after vacuuming.
  • Thanks to the HEPA flter, this robot is also suitable for people with a dust allergy.

Blaupunkt Competence Center Robotics

Blaupunkt solid German brands since 1923 and famous from its high
quality audio systems has put in great efforts in the past years to enrol
a wider range of high-quality and smart consumer electronics.Advantages

  • Solid German Quality
  • Strong Brand awareness
  • Reliable Brand Reputation
  • Long history since 1923
  • Strong price quality positioning
  • Years of experience on In House design and R&D
  • Total portfolio offering in Smart Home solutions
  • Selective distribution
  • Great after service support | customer service & repair centre |

Blaupunkt Competence Center Robotics has launched a product line of high quality Robotic vacuum cleaners. The Bluebot series contain a robot vacuum cleaner suitable for different market segments from entry-mid up to high-premium. Blaupunkt Robotics plays a key role in making our lives more comfortable and easy. In the years to come more smart robotic products will be developed that will bring a direct added value to our households. It helps us to create extra time for the things that we really enjoy in life! While we are still decades away from a Jetsons-style future, the days of robots in our lives aren’t far off. The purpose of robots is to work together with humans to do a better job or to automate tasks that: take humans too long to do, are too tedious, or are impossible for us to do.

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