Modular Blaupunkt multi-split systems are perfect for projects where limited space for outdoor or indoor units poses a problem. While operating, multiBT air conditioners achieve remarkable energy-efficiency ratings by saving up to 40% more energy than conventional equipment. Multi-split systems offer a wide range of features to create individually designed and controlled comfort zones.

Blaupunkt multi-split systems are designed to combine several air conditioners of various types and sizes into one installation to achieve the highest level of
flexibility and performance.

Multi efficiency
Multi-configuration settings of indoor and outdoor units enable to better control
their capacity. Moreover, these settings increase the performance of multiBT air
conditioners up to 140% of the conventional ones.

Multi & Mono
Wall-mounted air conditioners of the Blaupunkt new technology are capable
of working in two different systems: mono & multi. Both product installation and
usage are very simple.


Technology for multiBT

Energy saving
Sine-wave DC inverter technology makes the compressor run more smoothly. Motor-driven energy loss is considerably reduced. Consequently, motor efficiency rises by 12%.

Space saving
Using Blaupunkt multi-split systems, designers and installers are able to create really space-saving arrangements of air conditioners regardless of how complicated the project is. In terms of their size and type, indoor units can be perfectly adapted to available spaces and then linked into one powerful air conditioning installation.

With their compact and robust casing, multiBT outdoor units require little space and can be easily installed at any convenient place. Being modular, multi-split systems are suitable for both new developments and renovation projects.

More comfort
Fast cooling and heating, low temperature fluctuations and quiet operation are only some of the features that make Blaupunkt multiBT air conditioners comfortable and user-friendly. The temperature can be controlled in etery room separately and a wide range of cooling and heating options are available to optimize user comfort.

Wide outdoor operating range
Equipped with a high capacity compressor and powerful heat exchanger, Blaupunkt multi-split air conditioners remain fully operable at much higher or lower temperatures than standard devices.

Hydrophilic aluminium fin
The hydrophilic aluminium fin used by multi-split system evaporators and condensers improves the cooling efficiency of indoor units and facilitates the defrosting process in outdoor units. This happens because the hydrophilic aluminium fin reduces energy losses and maximizes performance by accelerating the flow of condensation between the heat exchanger fins.

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