Cooilng fun (Air cooler) ACF601

Cooilng fun with oscillation function in two dimensions!

We all look for ways to cool down our apartments or offices on hot spring and summer days, when our ability to focus and function normally shrinks as the indoor temperature rises. If we cannot afford an air conditioning system, the best technology for lowering the indoor temperature is an evaporative air cooler – a device which does not entail hot air being discharged outside. It can be used where installing an air conditioning system is not possible, or where routing the hot air exhaust hose is too problematic or inefficient. Evaporative air coolers cool the air by blowing it at speed through a water curtain. Simultaneously, the air is also cooled down considerably by the evaporated water. The units also purify the air from dust and ensure higher air humidity, which is a bonus not to be missed.

The ACF601 from Blaupunkt is an eco-friendly and energy-efficient portable evaporative air cooler which refreshes you during the blazing heat outside. The high performance 80 Watt copper motor drives a very powerful air throw to cool down approx. 30-40 m2 indoors at maximum fan speed (12 m/s). You can switch between four fan speeds for more precise adjustment to suit your personal preferences and the indoor temperature. The feature of oscillation on two planes will ensure even air distribution all across your living room or office space, while an additional container for cooling pads (two pads included) will boost the air cooling efficiency, and ensure that the air is properly moistened. The ACF601 comes with the feature of natural breeze, which means that it will change the speed of the air blow at short intervals for a more natural and subtle effect.

The noiseless operation of the device (below 45 dB at the lowest speed) guarantees that the operation of the air cooler will not distract you during work, reading a book, or a good night’s sleep.

The manufacturer has incorporated a timer in the ACF601, so you can set the time when you want the device to cool down your home or office. The operation is user-friendly, with an easy-to-read touch button display and remote control for easy access to the device’s features.

The integrated castors and lightweight construction of the device ensure its mobility, so you can use it in any room of your choice.



4 fan speeds
Oscillation function in two dimensions
Efficient and reliable full copper motor
Very strong air flow at maximum fan speed (12m/s), almost double than standard similar air coolers
Additional water tank with pomp for cooling boxes to reach higher cooling efficiency
Quiet operation, only 45dB at slowest speed
Power supply 220-240 V ~ 50 Hz, power: 120 W
Dimension: 38.8 x 33.6 x 81.3 cm
Weight: 9 kg
EAN code: 5901750504402

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