Carrier 400 DAB

The new comfort class – Just demanding.


You have to bring your own music, the Carrier 400 DAB doesn’t care about anything else. With a USB port on the front of the device and an audio input on the back, nothing is left to be desired. It goes without saying that the device comes with a wealth of other comfort features such as DAB+ tuner, Bluetooth for telephony and audio streaming, Apple iPod support, input for connection to a steering wheel remote control and multicolor lighting.


With mounting frame for FIAT DUCATO 8, 2-DIN to 1-DIN with shelf in matt black.

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High-End CODEM IV High-End World- Tuner
FM, AM, DAB, DAB+ Tuner w. PS, AF, REG, EON, RT, CT, PTY, TA, Service following, DLS

Media player
USB front, rear AUX
MP2, MP3, WMA, FLAC, M4A/ AAC, WAV Support
Apple iPod Support

Int. and ext. microphone support
Audio streaming with track info
Access to voice assistant (e.g. Siri, Google, Alexa)
Wake-up on call
Phonebook access

Sound presets
4-channel pre-amp out + 2 sub-out
4 x 50 Watt

Multi Color (7 colors)
DIM- function
Permanent memory
Short body (low installation depth)
IR- remote control option, RC-10 compatible
SWC option (analogue)
With Fiat Ducato 8 mounting frame 2-DIN to 1-DIN in matt black with shelf

Technical specifications

Tuner Type: High-End Automotive Tuner Blaupunkt CODEM
World Tuner (switchable): EU, USA, South America, Thailand
Frequency bands: FM, AM, DAB, DAB+
Frequency band FM: 87.5 – 108 MHz
Frequency band MW: 531- 1602/ 530- 1710 kHz
Channels (frequency band) DAB/ DAB+: 5A- 13F (174,928- 239,200 MHz)
Station memory: FM1, FM2, FMT (15x UKW), AM1 (5x AM), DAB1-3 (15x DAB)
Station memory levels deactivatable: FM2, FMT, AM, DAB2, DAB3
Station display (PS): Yes
Radiotext/ Radiotext Plus (RT/ RT+): Yes/ No
Display DLS/ ENSEMBLE/ SERVICE: Yes/ Yes/ Yes
Alternate frequency function (AF): Yes
Traffic Radio (TA) FM/ DAB: Yes/ Yes
RDS Time (CT): Yes
Enhanced Oth. Netw. (EON): Yes
Regional function (REG): Yes
Program type identifier (PTY) FM/ DAB: Yes/ Yes
Scrolling: Yes (one time / repetitive)
Travelstore/ Memory Travelstore : Yes (5x FMT)
Band Scan + Preset Scan FM/ DAB: Yes/ Yes
Sensitivity (FM): Two levels (lo / dx)
Noise suppression (FM): Yes
Hi-Cut (FM): Yes (multi-level switchable)
DAB-DAB Service following: Yes
DAB-FM Service following: Yes
Service scan: Yes
Ensemble/ Service change: Yes/ yes
Service browsing: Yes
Frequency response FM: 30 – 15.000 Hz +/- 3 dB
Frequency response DAB: 20 – 20.000 Hz +/- 3 dB

AUX rear: Yes (3.5 mm jack)
AUX detection/ source activation: No/ manual
USB front: yes (type A, recessed jack)
USB rear: No
Memory card reader: No
Concealed front inputs: Yes (USB)
Compatible formatting (USB): FAT16, FAT32, exFAT
Maximum storage size (USB, memory cards): > 128 GB
Maximum file/folder count (USB, memory cards): > 20000
Playback formats: MP2, MP3, WMA, FLAC, M4A/ AAC, WAV
Display options (may depend on media file): ID3V2 (title, artist, album), folder, file, playing time
Folder & file browsing: Yes
Scrolling: Yes (one time / repetitive)
iPod, iPhone control: Yes (via USB)
Shuffle folder/ media: Yes/ Yes
Repeat Title/ Folder/ All: Yes/ Yes/ Yes
Introscan: Yes

Phone call: Yes
Internal microphone: Yes
Connectivity ext. microphone: Yes
Answer/ reject call: Yes/ Yes
Access phonebook: Yes (max. 1000 numbers)
Audio streaming: Yes
Audio streaming ID3 track display: Yes (Title, Artist, Album, Playtime)
Scrolling: Yes (one time / repetitive)Voice assistant access
(like Siri, Google, Alexa): Yes
Cell phone navigation audio mix: No
Auto wake-up on call: Yes (when radio off + ignition on)
Fast pairing without PIN: Yes
Automatic reconnection: Yes
Bluetooth version: 5.0
Number of paired devices: max. last 5
No. of devices connected at the same time: Max. 1
Supported profiles: A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, SPP
Audio Codecs: AAC, SBC

*Availability/ support of functions depend on the phone/ app used!

Equalizer: Presets (Rock, Pop, Classical)
Bass/ treble adjustment: Yes / yes (+/- 7 steps)
Balance/ fader: Yes / yes (+/- 9 steps)
Loudness: Yes
Sound Presets: Rock, Pop, Classical
Source specific sound adjustment: Yes
Speaker Outputs (Channels): 4
Preamp Outputs (Channels, Voltage): 4 (RCA, < 2V)
Sub-Out (Channels, Voltage): 2 (RCA, < 2V, gain/ frequency variable)
Max. Power: 4 x 50 watts
Sine power at 14.4 V: 4 x 24 watts (according to DIN 45324)

Display: LCD, negative, anti-reflective, wide angle, alphanumeric + symbols
Illumination color display/ keys: Multi color, 7 colors (white, green, yellow, red, violet, blue, skyblue)
Day/ Night mode: Yes (manual/ via dimmer connection)
Brightness: Multi-level, variable (16 steps)
Time display: Yes
HMI languages: English, German
Low standby current: Yes (< 3,5 mA )
Antenna inputs: FM DIN/ ISO (with adaptor), DAB SMB (DAB with 12 V phantom power)
Mute input/ Telephone mute: Yes (GND active)
Ext. handsfree microphone connector: Yes
Remote control: Yes (IR input for RC-10 and card remote)
Steering wheel remote control (SWC): Yes (analog, programmable, pre-programmed)
Variable scan time: Yes (4, 8, 12, 16, 60s)
Confirmation beep: Yes (can be deactivated)
Control panel type: Fixed panel
Color panel/ decor ring: Black/ Black
Software Update: via USB
Permanent Memory: Yes (Settings & Presets)
Demo Mode: Yes
Weight: approx. 0.6 kg
Dimensions: housing 52 x 178 x 110mm, front 188 x 58mm (H x W x D)/
Operating voltage: 10.5 – 14.4 V
Power consumption: in operation: < 10A, 10 sec. after ACC power off: < 3.5 mA

DAB antenna: Optional accessories (e.g. 2 006 019 000 000)
IR remote control: Optional accessories (e.g. 1 101 402 001 001)
External BT microphone: Yes (5 104 020 001 001)
Unlocking tool: Yes
Connectors (ISO A, B): Yes
Antenna adaptor (DIN/ ISO): Yes
With Fiat Ducato 8 mounting frame 2-DIN to 1-DIN in matt black with shelf

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