Clock radio FM/ALARM/USB with wireless charging CR85WH CHARGE

Wake up and smile!

This alarm clock, stubbornly buzzing over your ear and dragging you out of your sleep, is the biggest enemy of every sleeper. Unfortunately, work or school will not wait, so whether you want it or not, you have to get out of bed.

How do you change getting up in the morning from being torture into a pleasant start to the day? In such a situation, the Blaupunkt CR85WH CHARGE radio alarm clock will certainly be helpful.

This small, modern-looking, device is equipped with an FM tuner with a digital PLL synthesiser, and a memory able to store 20 radio stations. Tuning the radio is very easy, and takes little time, thanks to the function of the automatic searching and saving of your favourite radio stations.

The built-in dual-alarm function clock allows you to set two different wake-up times, and the snooze function, which can be adjusted from 5 to 60 minutes, will be surely appreciated by those who need a little more time to fully wake up.

With the CR85WH CHARGE model, getting up in the morning no longer has to be associated with an unpleasant alarm-clock sound. The device is equipped with a buzzer and a radio alarm function. Having a choice between these two options, you can decide yourself how do you want to be woken up. So every morning you can welcome the day with your favourite radio station, or jump out of bed to quickly switch off the persistent alarm.

An important feature of the radio alarm clock is the ability to set the schedule according to which the alarm is to be triggered. You can choose between the daily mode, weekdays, and weekends.

The CR85WH CHARGE is also equipped with a wireless and a wired charging function for mobile devices. To charge your smartphone or tablet the classic way, simply connect your mobile device to your alarm-clock radio via the USB cable. The appropriate port is located on the back of the unit casing. Wireless charging is even easier, as all you need to do is place the smartphone on its back, centred on the charging area. An illuminated wireless-charging indicator on the display shows that the mobile device is charging. Please note that the wireless charging function works only with Qi-capable devices.

The large blue LED shows the current time, the indoor and outdoor temperature, and the active alarms and the display-dimming icon. The dimming function allows you to adjust the intensity of the display so that it does not dazzle the eyes, and remains readable when the room is dark. Information on the current outdoor temperature is provided by a wireless temperature sensor, which should be placed outside the window. The indoor temperature is indicated by an indoor-temperature sensor built into the device.

Waking up to your favourite radio station, the snooze function, and current information on the outdoor temperature, are features which will make the CR85WH CHARGE radio alarm clock properly prepare you for the new day, and, thanks to the charging function, your smartphone will also be ready for operation.



PLL FM radio with 20 preset station memory
Clock with dual alarm and programmable Snooze duration
Wireless charging (Qi compatibile)
USB charging port
Outside temperature sensor
Internal temperature sensor built-in
Large LCD display
Programmable auto dim display
Alarm with radio or buzzer
Daily/Weekdays/Weekends alarm selection
Power adapter: DC 5 V
Back up time: 1 x CR2032 (battery not incl.)
Dimensions: 253 (w.) x 71 (h.) x 45 (d.) mm
Weight: 0.2 kg
EAN code: 5901750504075

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