Electric grill GRS901

Enjoy to grilling regardless of the weather!

Grilled dishes are very popular. They are healthy, aromatic, often low-calorie and, above all, tasty. It is hard to imagine spring and summer parties in the garden with family and friends without a barbecue. In the spring and summer season, the smell of grilled meat, vegetables and fish can be felt from every garden, which proves that they have many fans. Nothing brings people closer together than grilling together and tasting meals, and the Blaupunkt GRS901 electric grill will help you prepare them.

This is a 2000 W model, thanks to which the grill heats up very quickly, ensuring high efficiency. To maintain and control the high temperature, as well as the perfect food, the adjustable top cover fits perfectly to the grilled food. This element also prevents fat from splashing onto the kitchen worktop, for example. Double-sided (smooth and corrugated), removable heating plates with dimensions of 22 x 32 cm are covered with a non-stick, PFOA-free coating, which guarantees that the prepared dishes will be safe for health, and will not burn or stick during grilling.

Double-sided heating plates with a corrugated or smooth surface allow for simultaneous grilling of various types of products. The flat one is perfect for grilling vegetables, and the corrugated one for grilling meat. Additionally, the corrugated part allows you to drain excess fat, which means that we can enjoy more easily digestible dishes. The users can also choose whether they want to grill the food more on the top, bottom or top and bottom evenly. For sweets lovers, the GRS901 model has an additional set of plates for preparing waffles for dessert.

The grill lid can be lifted up to 180 degrees at any time, which allows you to grill more products at the same time. The hinge mechanism has a locking function. This is especially convenient when you close the grill and want to put it down. A lock will prevent the grill from opening.

Electronic regulation of temperature and grilling time, a timer for the forgetful ones, non-heating handles, a pull-out drawer for dripping fat and a display informing about the operating parameters, complete the comfort of use. A great convenience is also the meat thermometer included in the set, which will allow you to prepare a raw or well-done steak – just perfect!

The obvious advantage of the table-top electric grill is certainly the fact that it takes up little space and can be used at any time of the year at home, on the balcony or terrace.



Electronic temperature and grilling time control
Removable double hot plates: plain and ribbed (22 x 32 cm)
Extra set of waffle hot plates
Adaptable top lid for the best contact with grilled food
Non-stick coated hot plates
High-quality, health-safe, PFOA-free, non-stick coating
Can be used as an open grill (180° opening lid, with a locking system)
Grilling mode selection (top, bottom, top + bottom)
Display showing the operating parameters
Retractable drip tray for juice/fat
Cool touch handle
Power supply: 220-240 V~; 50/60 Hz, power: 2,000 W, weight: 5,23 kg
Dimensions: 35,5 x 17.5 x 33 mm
EAN code: 5901750505355

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