Foldable electric roller with App ERL814

Electric rollers are the ideal solution for residents of large, densely populated cities. They come in handy when you need to get from point A to point B quickly, conveniently, and at a low cost. What’s more, with their modern design they have become a stylish means of transport for commuting to work or school.

In order to meet the expectations of the market, Blaupunkt has launched the ERL814 model – a folding electric scooter with a dedicated mobile app. This environmentally friendly and fully safe electric vehicle will appeal to every user.

A great feature of the scooter is its compatibility with the Blaupunkt E-Mobilty mobile app, available for both Android and iOS devices. The app has been developed specifically for Blaupunkt electric vehicles. With this app, you can easily check such parameters of your vehicle as speed, battery-charge level, current mileage, total mileage, and many others.

You can also use the app to customise selected riding functions (for the ERL814, this includes speed-mode selection), changing the name and password of the electric vehicle, and changing the speedometer units. Additionally, thanks to the Blaupunkt E-Mobility app, you can use the system’s diagnostics function to check the technical condition of your vehicle. Further, Blaupunkt E-Mobility app provides the option to record your route, and allows you to view previously saved routes.
There is one more very-important feature of the app – i.e. the electric lock, which allows you to disable the vehicle. The scooter can be operated only after it has been enabled in the app.

With a 300 W motor, the scooter can reach a maximum speed of 25 km/h, and the three-gear speed control allows you to adjust your current speed to match your age and riding skills, making your user experience even safer. The cruise-control function is a convenient solution, which maintains a constant speed when covering long distances. The 10Ah battery, when fully charged, gives you a range of up to 30km. The maximum range depends on your weight and the type of the surface you are riding on. Both the speed and the current battery-charge level are indicated on the large and legible LCD display.

To ensure the safety of the user, Blaupunkt has equipped the ERL814 model with a front disc brake, and a rear E-ABS electric brake designed for emergency situations, to reduce the braking distance as much as possible. The large 14” wheels with inner-tube tyres ensure stability, even on rough surfaces. The scooter features a comfortable seat for extra ride comfort.

Stay visible and safe on the road with the LED head- and taillight, and a bell.
The intuitive folding mechanism allows you to collapse the vehicle and significantly reduce its dimensions, while the transport wheels mounted in the footrests enable you to move the scooter easily, e.g. when taking it with you on board public transport. When collapsed, the scooter is small enough to fit into a small or already-loaded boot. A transport bag for easy carrying and storage of the vehicle is included.

The maximum load of the vehicle is 100 kg, and the time needed to fully charge the battery is approximately 5-6 hours.

The folding ERL814 electric scooter guarantees a safe and enjoyable riding experience!



• Motor: 300 W
• Battery: 36 V 10 Ah
• Max speed: 25 km/h ( 3 speed adjustable )
• Range: up to 30 km (depending on the load and type of surface)
• Works with Blaupunkt E-Mobility APP (Android, iOS)
• Electric lock available in APP
• Max loading: 100 kg
• Climbing slope: 15 degree
• Cruise-control feature
• Rear brake: electric brake E-ABS
• Front brake: disk brake”
14″ tube wheels
• Front and rear LED light
• LCD for indicating speed and battery-charge level
• Warning bell
• Easy folding mechanism
• Transportation bag included
• Charging current: 42 V 1.5 A
• Charging time: about 5-6 hours
• Dimensions: (folded/unfolded) 650x600x350mm/1100x430x940 mm
• Net weight: 19.3 kg
• EAn code: 5901750504488

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