Kitchen scale with steel bowl FKS602

Kitchen precision!

Kitchen scales are present in almost every kitchen. They allow us to measure the quantity of products, which makes cooking easier. The scales are often used by people on diet regimens that demand exact quantities of specific products to be eaten a day.

The FKS602 features a 1.4-litre steel bowl, which makes weighing more convenient and prevents spillage of food. The load capacity is an astonishing 5 kg with a graduation down to 1 g, thanks to which all the ingredients of the meal to be cooked can be measured with great precision. An additional feature is provided to make weighing easier by the conversion of kilograms into volumes of water or milk. This really helps with processing food.

A large, concealed, 11.1 mm digit display and touch sensor controls make operating the scale intuitive with legible readings.

The FKS602 kitchen scale is a perfect complement for kitchen appliances and fittings, and an indispensable cooking aid.


  • Capacity: max 5 kg, division 1g
  • Hidden display, height of digits 11.1 mm
  • Touch buttons
  • Indicate volume of water and milk
  • Power supply: 3 x AAA battery (included)
  • Dimension: 21.1 x 21.1 x 6.1 cm
  • Weight: 0.525 kg
  • EAN code: 5901750504884

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