Internet radio with Bluetooth and FM/DAB+ tuner IR50DAB

Enjoy your favourite songs from multiple streaming platforms and radio stations at home!

The Blaupunkt IR50DAB Internet radio will not only impress you with its unique design, but also provide unlimited possibilities to search thematic stations, broadcast your favourite type of music, or listen to local radio stations, found by country name.

Podcast fans will be happy to play their favourite programmes from all over the world, searching by the topic, e.g. business, education, family or kids, or by country.

A perfect solution implemented in this device is the integrated Spotify Connect functionality that allows using Spotify app installed on another mobile device, e.g. smartphone or tablet, connected to same Wi-Fi network as the IR50DAB Internet Radio. This functionality will make your songs and playlists sound much better than on smarthopne or tablet speakers.

Another interesting functionality is the UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) protocol support that allows to connect your laptop to the IR50DAB and enjoy wireless playing of music files stored on the hard drive.

Bluetooth function of the IR50DAB radio allows quick and wireless transfer of music files from a telephone, tablet or web streaming platforms.

Additionally, the IR50DAB model has a USB port on the back of the casing (supporting storage devices up to 64 GB) that allows playing multiple formats of sound files stored on USB drives, e.g. WAV/WMA/MP3/FLAC/ACC.

This device also offers an integrated DAB+ tuner to receive digital radio signal free of noise and distortions, ensuring the highest sound quality.

If the WiFi or DAB+ digital radio signal is unavailable, the IR50DAB can operate using a standard analogue FM tuner with the RDS function providing all necessary information to be displayed, including date and time, title and author of the current track. Radio signal can be received using an integrated telescopic antenna.

The IR50DAB has two convenient knobs and buttons on the top panel for easy operation. They allow quick access to all additional functions of the device, such as alarm clock settings, useful for any daily activities. The alarm clock offers multiple options of configuration, e.g. individual alarm time setting (Monday-Friday, weekends, every day) and selection of alarm sound (buzzer, melody or any sound available on this device). The user can also adjust alarm loudness or snooze. Additionally, the IR50DAB model has an automatic switch-off function, useful for those who listen to podcasts until night hours. Depending on the setting, the device can switch off in 5 to 120 minutes.

The possibility to use a remote control or a compatible mobile app to control the device ensures comfortable operation and allows to adjust settings from your sofa. The output power of 2 x 10 W RMS guarantees proper loudness of played tracks, while the equalizer can be used to adjust the sound. A large and clear 2.4″ colour TFT display with adjustable brightness ensures convenient operation and quick access to all necessary information, including time, weather, track title and also logo of the current radio station. Depending on the radio station, you can also view the track’s original album cover.

Additionally, the IR50DAB offers an audio output to connect the device to an older type of amplifier or an AV receiver. This way you get a new functionality.

The IR50DAB has been designed with the focus on the user, to ensure not only high quality of sound, but also a modern look of the device. With a classic combination of white and wooden parts, this radio will look great and stylish in any interior, even if it’s most minimalistic. Multi-language menu helps in comfortable configuration and everyday use of the radio.

Enjoy your favourite songs from multiple streaming platforms and radio stations at home!



Internet radio
Podcast support
DAB+ tuner
FM tuner with RDS
UPnP – Universal Plug and Play support
Audiostreaming via Bluetooth (A2DP profile)
USB player (up to 64GB)
2.4″ TFT color dipslay
Audio output
Clock with alarm function
Remote control
Control via APP (Android, iOS)
Output power: 2 x 10 Watt RMS
Power supply: DC 12 V 3 A
Dimensions: 320 (w.) x 113 (h.) x 108 (d.)mm
Weight: about 1.6 kg
EAN code: 5901750505133

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