Micro system with Bluetooth and HDMI ARC port MS22BT

MS22BT – can be used in a wide variety of configurations – like as connected to your TV, paired with your smartphone, just playing a CD or one of your favorite radio stations, though what’s really fun about it is that it’s got everything you need to subtle-sound your favourite room !

Micro stereo systems are still very popular as audio equipment for our homes and offices. The key thing that earned them that popularity is their compact size, which took in many functions as well as the integrated housing.

The BLAUPUNKT’s MS22BK Micro Stereo System is the perfect solution for big and small house parties with friends, where the right mood and well-chosen, high-quality music are the most important aspects. A single wooden cabinet of a classic dark brown color as it is, combines all the functions and the speakers, making the size of the device smaller and fitting into absolutely any kind of interior.

This model has a unique, as for its equipment category, functionality, because it’s got an HDMI connector with ARC return channel built into the rear of the housing, which makes it possible to connect a compatible TV to and transmit the sound better in terms of quality. The HDMI ARC connector also gives you control over the volume, by means of a single remote control. What’s more, the MS22BK can also act as a soundbar.

Why use HDMI ARC/CEC with micro systems?

Let us start by deciphering the acronyms and explaining what this enigmatic HDMI and equally enigmatic CEC and ARC.

HDMI – what is it?

HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface. Simply put, it is a type of high-quality connection for transmitting audio and video signals between different devices, usually between a TV and a peripheral device.

HDMI CEC – what is it?

CEC is short for Consumer Electronics Control, a functionality that allows you to control the basic functions of HDMI-connected devices. With HDMI CEC, using the TV remote, you can, for example, turn on and off the peripheral device connected to it, pause sound or adjust volume.

HDMI ARC – what is ARC?

ARC stands for Audio Return Channel. What is it for? The easiest explanation is that you will be able to transmit signal in two directions – from the peripheral device to the TV and the other way around. What does this mean? One cable less in a whole tangled bunch of them, as you do not need any other cables for audio signal transmission if you want to improve the sound of your TV.

What are the advantages of using HDMI in micro systems?

  1. A micro system equipped with an HDMI ARC port can become part of a home entertainment centre. Connect it to TV and discover new possibilities!
  2. With one HDMI ARC cable connected to a micro system with an HDMI ARC port your TV will evolve into a whole new device in terms of sound. Flat designs of modern TVs drastically limit their sound properties. Therefore, a micro system with an HDMI ARC port is the perfect solution to this problem. In addition, you do not need another cable for audio signal transmission. One cable less!
  3. It is possible to play sound from all sources connected to the TV using the micro system’s speakers by connecting many different sources to the TV, for example a game console, a Blu-ray player or a streaming device, and then pairing the TV with a micro system using HDMI ARC. Better sound means even more fun playing games or watching movies!
  4. With the HDMI ARC/CEC connection between the TV and the micro system you can control the basic functions of the micro system using the TV remote. You can adjust the volume, mute sound or turn both devices on or off at the same time. One remote less!
  5. Micro systems connected to TV provide additional options for playback from various sources – Bluetooth for listening to music on a tablet or smartphone, optical port to connect another digital sound source, analogue AUX input, e.g. for a turntable, USB port for playing MP3 files, FM radio for listening to your favourite radio station, or CD player for listening to your favourite albums. Even more entertainment in one place!

In addition, the device has an optical input, so you can also connect older TVs (without HDMI ARC) or digital terrestrial/cable TV set-top boxes, as well as any other digital audio input source  equipped with a suitable output.

The MS22BK is built with a classic CD player, which, in addition to the traditional CD-Audio format, can play MP3/WMA files with your favorite songs. The built-in Bluetooth module, which supports the wireless transmission of music files from compatible mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, allows you to play songs stored on the above devices. The set  also provides you with a built-in tuner that supports FM frequencies and has the ability to store as many as 40 of your favorite radio stations. A slot for an optional external antenna is available on the rear panel of the case, so that you can get an even better FM radio signal where there’s weak reception.

The available USB port allows you to connect any compatible portable USB media and play music files stored in MP3 format, whereas the AUX input (3.5mm mini jack) allows for wired connection of any other audio output signal-capable devices.

A clock with an alarm function is available on the LED display, enabling the speaker to be programmed so that it automatically turns on at a pre-set time.

The unit has a built-in 50 Watt RMS amplifier and the adjustable treble and bass function for clear sounds. An equalizer feature, that’s also there, offers you POP, ROCK, JAZZ, CLASSIC, and NORMAL presets to enable you to adjust the sound profile to the type of music being played. Finally there’s the LOUDNESS function, which raises the treble and bass levels, allowing you to increase the overall dynamics of the sound.

The MS22BT model also comes with a remote control, which can be used to fully operate all available functions, complementing that way your convenience in its daily use.

MS22BT – can be used in a wide variety of configurations – like as connected to your TV, paired with your smartphone, just playing a CD or one of your favorite radio stations, though what’s really fun about it is that it’s got everything you need to subtle-sound your favourite room !



CD player with MP3/WMA playback
CD/-R/-RW/MP3/WMA support
Bluetooth for wireless audio streaming from smartphone or PC
FM PLL radio with 40 preset memory
USB port for music playback
Optical input
Max. output power: 150 W (2 x 75 W)
Power Output: 50 W RMS (2 x 25 W)
Equalizer Rock/Pop/Class/Jazz/Normal
Bass and treble adjustment
Clock with alarm
LED display
AUX-IN (mini jack 3.5 mm)
Remote control
External antenna input
Power Supply: AC 110-240V~50/60Hz
Main unit dimensions: 400 (w) x 125 (h) x 220 (d) mm
Weight: 3.6 kg
EAN code: 5901750505607

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