Micro system with Bluetooth and CD/USB player MS12BT

Device is equipped with a CD reader, that can read audio files recorded in MP3, and (CR-R/CD-RW).

MS12BT has a Bluetooth, so you can listen to your music that can be sent from mobile devices. MS12BT also has a digital tuner with PLL synthesis and the ability to save up to 30 favorite radio stations.

Thanks to compact size radio antenna is in the wire, that’s hidden inside the radio. Thanks to the quick selection function it is possible to select directly the frequency of your favorite radio station using the numeric keypad on the remote control.

USB port is located in front of device makes it easy to connect all kinds of USB storage and play your favorite music. AUX port supports all portable audio players and other audio sources, so that you can listen to your music from other devices.

The output power of the built-in amplifier is 5 W RMS per channel and the maximum power of the whole system is 30 W.

In order to meet your sound preference, MS12BT has adjustable bass and treble. Membranes inside the speakers are made of cellulose, whole speakers are made out of wood with bass reflex casing that gives a very clear and warm sound.

MS12BT are made out of the best quality materials to meet our client’s highest expectations, also thanks to beautiful and smart delight they can fit to any space

Blue LED display and remote control thanks to which you can control it from a distance, that’s what makes MS12BT easy to use.


  • CD player with MP3 playback and CD/-R/-RW/MP3 support
  • Bluetooth for wireless audio streaming from smartphone or PC
  • FM PLL tuner with 30 preset memory
  • USB port for music playback
  • Max. output power: 30 W (2 x 15 W)
  • Power output: 10 W RMS (2 x 5 W)
  • Bass/Treble control
  • Blue LED display
  • 3.5 mm Line-in
  • Remote control
  • Power supply: AC 230 V ~ 50 Hz
  • ERP 2 compliance for higher energy efficiency: < 1 W power consumption in stand-by mode
  • Main unit dimensions: 170 (w) x 140 (h) x 220 (d) mm
  • Speaker dimensions: 145 (w) x 220 (h) x 177 (d) mm
  • Weight: 1.85 kg
  • EAN code: 5901750500718

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