Party speaker with Bluetooth and karaoke PS6

Enjoy the full, rich, sound of your favourite music!

A meeting with friends, a club-style house, an evolution show in a skatepark, or a dance show in the city centre – such moments are always worth enhancing with your favourite songs. With the PS6 Portable Audio System, you can easily meet any musical challenge.

This high-quality source of entertainment will also work as a sound system in the training room, dance school, or all kinds of event, and as music equipment in a teenager’s room.

The richness of its functions, strong and clear sound, mobility, and capability to play music from different sources, is a mix which can launch any party and provide everyone with a lot of fun and joy.

The device has a built-in Bluetooth module, which can readily plays songs stored in the memory of smartphones or tablets, or when you connect to the Internet, and also from streaming services or Internet radio stations.
Equipped with an SD card reader and a USB port, the speaker can play music files in the most-popular audio formats, e.g. MP3 and WMA, which take up little space in the memory but still guarantee high sound quality.
In addition, with the PS6’s AUX input, you can connect to a portable MP3 player, music mixer, or DJ console, as well as many other audio sources with an audio output.

The set also includes an FM tuner, which can store up to 40 radio stations. This function allows you to listen to them conveniently, without having to search for frequencies every time.

The maximum power of the loudspeaker is 600 W, thanks to which it is possible to amplify quite a large event. The large 10″ woofer driver, combined with the Super Bass function, will meet the expectations of all lovers of low frequencies. The device is equipped with an equaliser with six modes (Flat, Pop, Rock, Country, Jazz, & Classical) which allows the sound to be optimally matched to the atmosphere of the meeting. This way of composing functions and the possibility of using LED-lighting options allow you to properly capture the character of the event and feel the true disco atmosphere. The PS6 delivers clear, powerful, sound and disco-style lighting.

An important feature of the PS6 is the karaoke option. The set comes with a wireless microphone, thanks to which you can easily start your adventure with singing, and even feel like a star of pop, rock, or country music…. Karaoke is great fun for both modest and massive singing enthusiasts. In order to achieve the most-optimal sound tone for the microphone, it is possible to set the low and high frequencies separately, as well as the echo function, which eliminates any possible reverb.

The Power Audio system can be powered in two ways: via the mains adapter or via the built-in battery. The latter allows you to play music wirelessly for up to 5 hours, so you can dance the whole evening without having to connect the device to the power supply. It takes 6-8 hours to fully charge the battery.

The weight of the speaker, which does not exceed 12 kg, the pull-out handle, and the transport wheels, all make it easy to move the speaker from place to place.

The PS6 model is equipped with the TWS (True Wireless Stereo) function, which facilitates the wireless connection of two devices. This means that you can play music from two identical speakers at the same time. After successful pairing, the “right-channel” sound is output from the master speaker, and the “left-channel” sound is output from the second connected device. With this configuration you can get excellent quality stereo sound which can really surprise you.

The kit comes with a remote control which makes it simple to operate the entire speaker.
Take the PS6 with you wherever you want and enjoy the full, rich, sound of your favourite music!


  • Audio streaming via Bluetooth (A2DP profile)
  • True Wireless Stereo
  • USB/SD player
  • True Wireless Stereo
  • MP3/WMA playback
  • FM tuner with 40 station memory preset
  • Equalizer: Rock, Classic, Jazz, Pop, Country, Flat
  • Karaoke function with wireless microphone
  • Remote control
  • AUX-IN
  • LED display
    Disco LED lights
    Peak power: 600 W
    Power Supply: AC 100-240 V ~ 50/60 Hz
    Battery power: rechargeable battery 18 V 4500 mAh
    Battery operation: 4~5 h
    Charging time: 6~8 h
    Dimensions: 308 (w) x 605 (h) x 290 (d) mm
    Weight: 12 kg
    EAN code: 5901750503375

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