Robot vacuum cleaner with washing function RVC701

Automatic vacuum cleaners, also known as robot vacuum cleaners, are becoming more and more popular. No wonder, because cleaning is not an activity that you carry out with passion or as a hobby, and these clever devices effectively do it for you. So why not use this opportunity?

The RVC701 automatic vacuum cleaner is equipped with a gyro-mapped navigation system that creates a map of the space to be cleaned and moves through it in a planned, systematic way, not avoiding even those hard-to-reach places. And it is thanks to the sophisticated logic controlling the work and movement of the RVC701 that you can be sure that your floors will be shiny and clean.

The RVC701 model is equipped with a proximity sensor, which additionally guarantees that it will not knock against furniture or walls, and the floor edge sensors will ensure that the device does not fall down stairs during vacuuming. If the obstacle is not detected by the infra-red sensors, the sensors in the bumper will react after a gentle contact with the object.

The powerful and reliable brushless motor provides a high suction power of 1.2 kPa. Thanks to this, using two side sweeping brushes and a 17 cm central brush, the robot will perfectly cope with dust both on a smooth floor finished with wood or ceramics, as well as on linings and short-pile carpets. Contaminants are held in a large, 0.5 litre tank that can be cleaned under running water.

The use of the most advanced, replaceable HEPA filter, which stops more than 99.9% of impurities, including dust, bacteria, protozoa and fungi cells, guarantees that the air that escapes from the robot is maximally purified and safe for the household members.

The RVC701 robot vacuum cleaner will do one more job for you – it will wash the floor. The mopping function makes the device the most desirable household helper. A pump placed in a 0.2 litre water tank doses an appropriate amount of water from the tank to the cleaning cloth, thus controlling its moistening and preventing the floor from getting wet. This way, you do not have to worry that there will not be enough water and the dirt will not be removed or that the floor will remain wet for too long, which is particularly inappropriate for wooden panels and floors.

Thanks to the powerful and efficient 2150 mAh battery, the robot has a working time of up to 100 minutes, which allows it to clean a really large area. When vacuuming is complete or when the battery is running low, the RVC701 will return to the base to charge the battery. The vacuum cleaner can resume operation from the place where it was in the previously completed the vacuuming cycle.

In a situation where you want to limit the area of operation of the device, you can use the magnetic strip included in the set, which will create a so-called virtual wall. As the robot approaches the strip, it will recognise it, make a turn or turn around. The virtual wall can be laid out e.g. in the passage between rooms, it can separate a part of the room where there is a large number of cords or a place with pet food bowls.

An important feature of the device is its quiet operation, below 60 dB, which eliminates it from being annoying to the household members. You can watch TV without any problems while the robot is vacuuming.

There are three ways of controlling the RVC701 robot vacuum cleaner. Directly from the touch panel with LCD display on the device, using the included remote control or a dedicated application installed on your iOS or Android smartphone.

The application, which allows you to control the robot lets you remotely control the operation of the device and provides you with a lot of information about it. Thanks to the application you will find out, e.g. the surface area it was able to clean, or which areas the robot did not reach. The application will also let you know if the robot gets stuck in a certain place and cannot continue working, or if the cleaning process is finished or the battery runs out. You can also use it to set the cleaning schedule.

The RVC701 model comes with a charging station, power supply, additional filter, mopping cloth, additional pair of side sweeping brushes and 1 meter long virtual wall strip.

Thanks to the progress of technology, some cleaning operations can be performed by an automated device. And although to many people this fact still remains questionable, it is enough to see the RVC701 robot vacuum cleaner in action once to find out that it is a brilliant household helper that will save you a lot of time and keep your home clean.


  • Great navigation with gyro mapping, generate map of the floor, automatically return to charging base
  • Controlled by a remote control or App in the phone (iOS and Android compatible)
  • Powerful and reliable brushless suction motor, very high suction power 1.2 kPa and silent operation less than 60 dB
  • Two sweeping side brushes and long central power brush 17 cm, triple air filtration with HEPA filter
  • Electronic control of mopping function. Pomp adjust water flow
  • For different types of floor: wooden, laminate, ceramic, linoleum, and low-pile carpets
  • Compact size, low profile, only 7.5 cm
  • LCD display with touch control panel
  • Large dust container: 0.5 l and dust container 0.25 l with water tank 0.2 l
  • Capacious and efficient lithium battery 2150 mAh, operation time – up to 100 minutes
  • In set: charging base, adaptor, spare filter, 2 cloth pads for mopping, spare side brushes, 1 m stripe of virtual wall
  • Power supply: 100-240 V ~ 50/60Hz, max. 600 mA
  • EAN: 5901750503757

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