GTx 1402

4.0” Diameter | 70Watts Max. Power Handling

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GTx 1402


4.0” Diameter | 70Watts Max. Power Handling

Pair of 3.5” 2-way coaxial speaker with rubber surround Polypropylene cone composition.

Clear and prominent/loud coaxial tweeter with light weight design.

Aesthetically classic and season-resistant chrome plated outlook.

Powerful reproduction of vocals and instrumental sound.

Deep bass reproduction in overall woofer unit design.


Polypropylene Cone

The reason for this material is mainly due to its low distortion rate which enables the reproduction of crisp audible notes at most volume range. The cone in use is engineered with certain specification requirements in order to have a good balance between its thickness and stiffness that allows an efficient reproduction of both Mid-Range and Low Frequency notes from the woofer unit of the coaxial. Therefore, this cone has an advantage of producing better vocal and low frequency notes due to its initial design philosophy for this series.

13mm Neodymium Tweeter

The tweeter is powered by a Neodymium magnet that has an advantage of producing powerful high frequency notes while not sacrificing space or the weight of the speaker itself.

With official tests, the tweeter  has been tested to produce higher SPL sensitivity which allows users to reproduce clear high frequency note instruments such as cymbals, violin, and other similar sound frequency instruments.

Thick T-Yoke Base Plate

The T-Yoke Plate was designed to allow a longer stroke for the voice coil to travel during its operation period and with the higher compression and depression range available, it will allow a reproduction of lower frequency which in turn allows a more prominent vocal note to be reproduced. Utilizing longer stroke motors to drive low, lightweight moving parts results in precision output, while low inductance design elements further enhance the phenomenal performance of this collection of speakers.

Aesthetic Points

Additionally, if acoustic excellence wasn’t enough, the classy and elegant appearance of the speakers truly makes them best in their class.




GTx 1402 Specifications
  • Max. Power Handling : 70W
  • Normal Output Power (RMS) : 22W
  • Impedance : 4ohms
  • Frequency Response : 100Hz – 20,000Hz
  • Sensitivity : 90±3dB
  • Mounting Depth : 47mm
  • Diameter Hole : 95mm

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