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Blaupunkt driving video recorder BP3.0 FHD GPS is a small and compact dashcam with a powerful impact in recording continuous videos with a set of loop reading for users to have in their cars. The BP3.0 has a 2.7″ HD TFT LCD Color Display and lens of 140° diagonal ultra-wide viewing angle.
There are many built-in features in BP3.0 that aids the users for better safe driving and avoid crash scams and locate hit-and-run drivers.

Why do you need a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) in your car?

To capture events in the video form that occurs on the road while driving. In the event of an incident, a car DVR is an objective eyewitness of the incident.

What are the benefits and advantages of a DVR?

  • Your DVR can be set to the automatic and continuous recording of any visual events with audio.
  • Your recording can be used as key evidence if a dispute occurs during a motor vehicle collision and any wrong-doing.
  • Your recording also benefits hit and run cases by acting as vital proof.
  • Your DVR is safety and protective mechanism against reckless drivers.
  • DVR is created to promote road safety and reduce road trauma through raising awareness.
  • Your recording is useful as a witness in case of any unwanted on-road event.
  • Your DVR could also be used to record your memorable journey or beautiful sceneries, without compromising your driving safety




  • 2.7″ HD TFT LCD Color Display
  • 140° Diagonal Ultra Wide Viewing Angle Lens
  • Built-in GPS Tracking Function
  • Motion Detection
  • Built-in G-Sensor
  • Loop Recording 1min / 3min / 5min / OFF
  • Parking Sensor
  • License Plate Number Display
  • Built-in Microphone & Speaker
  • 2.0MP CMOS Sensor and FHD Shooting
  • Micro USB 2.0 and Car Charging
  • Emergency file lock menu button
  • Support Class 10 or above 64GB Micro SD Card
  • 1LUX Low Illumination
  • Record while charging
  • Mode : Video recording, photo taking, playback
  • Automatic recording upon power on
    • Video Resolution: 1920×1080(30fps) /1280×720(60fps) / 1280×720(30fps) / 640×480(30fps)
    • Image Resolution: 12M / 8M / 5M / 3M / 2M /1.2M / VGA
    • Video : MPEG, AVI, MP4, MOV
    • Battery capacity : 600mAh Lithium Ion Battery
    • DVR Dimension: 81.4×64.7×41.0 mm
    • Language: English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, Finnish, Polish
    • Certifications: CE, FCC, ROHS, E-Mark (Car Charger)
    • Audio : MP3
    • Image : JPG, PNG
    • Language : English & Chinese (if any)


    • Car mount bracket
    • car charger
    • USB cable
    • Manual

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