Copy of Men’s shaver 3 in 1 MSR801

MSR801 shaver is an extremely high quality device, that can become an essential part of every men’s day routine. Shaving, clipping and trimming becomes easier, quicker and most important more pleasurable. Close shaves or well-maintained beard gives clean and elegant look that makes every men feel confident in every situation.


Three independent shaving heads developed by Blaupunkt adapt to every shape of face and neck. The Even pressure distribution system ensures exact shaving effect with maximum comfort and speed. Multi-D shave technology allows shaver to perfectly follow face shape providing exact cut in difficult to accedes places.


The unique technology used to create our cutting heads – only 0,1mm thick, makes shaving even more precise and comfortable. Small shape of the holes in the shaving heads allows user to shave even the shortest hair that raised just above the surface of the skin. Longer hairs also aren’t make trouble for MSR801. The shaving heads were specially designed to reduce the risk of irritation even on very sensitive skin. User will no longer need to worry about reddening and minor cuts after shaving, also users with extremely sensitive skin will appreciate the possibility of wet shaving with application of shaving cream.


The slim and streamlined shape of the shaver provides perfect grip even during long use. Pop-up trimmer in combination with Hi-Precision triple cutting rings help to capture hairs of different length and growing direction. MSR801 can work in two modes – fast and slow. The fast mode allows user to cut harder hair in shorter time. The slow mode is aimed for users with very sensitive skin. The possibility of using shaver under the water makes it a perfect choice for people who live in constant rush. MSR801 is equipped with High-speed motor that’s creates a low level of noise, so it can be used at night without waking everyone around up. MSR801 was engineered to be easily cleaned under the water and can be used safely in the shower as it has been successfully tested for the IPX 7th water resistance class.


The high-quality lithium battery allows MSR801 to work for 70 minutes constantly. Time required to fully recharge the battery is 90 minutes. Battery can be used straight away without calibrating it without having a negative impact on battery life. Thanks to the display that includes percentage of charge, user will always be aware how much time Is remaining till battery runs out. When fully discharged, shaving can be continued after plugging it in.


MSR801 is not only a reliable shaver, thanks to hair trimmer function, user can trim beard and haircut. All you need to do is simply replace the shaving cap with the trimmer cap and you can feel like a professional hairdresser. There are 4 different trimming caps provided in the set (3/6/9/12mm) which offer the variety of possibilities for users to create stylish haircuts.


  • Special triple-track blades Hi-Precision Cut
  • Patented head’s thin foil technology less than 0,1mm
  • 3 precise floating shaving heads (Multi-D shave)
  • Waterproof IPX7
  • LED display show percentage of battery life
  • Trimmer and hair clipper function
  • Ceramic blades and titanium head for clipper
  • 4 comb attachments (3/6/9/12 mm)
  • Cord and cordless operation
  • Up to 70 minutes running time, 90 minutes of charging
  • High quality lithium batteries without memory effect
  • Quiet work with high-speed motor
  • Power supply: 100-240 V ~ 50/60 Hz, 0.2 A
  • EAN code: 5901750501531

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